Digital Marketing is cost effective and cheaper than you think

Digital Marketing success is easier than you think

When most people think of Digital Marketing they think of a highly complex process that will eventually make their heads explode. I think of digital marketing as a marathon rather than a sprint. A slow steady drumbeat that draws potential clients and customer every closer to with each exposure. Many years ago during a long and laborious class project, a mentor instructor asked me how would I eat an elephant. His answer was quite simple and has stuck with me to this day. One Bite At A Time. The key is to select the marketing venues and work at them a little at a time each and every day.

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Social Media

Assisting clients to create and set up and maintain their own social media profiles.  I then help them set up a social media schedule that coordinates with their business events, product sales, and promotions. I also help clients with Socia media ads such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Sarasota Digital Marketing

Email Marketing

Developing an effective email marketing program can take some time. The most important and hardest part is gathering quilty email leads from prospective and current customers. Do not use an email list that you can purchase online. they are a tremendous waste of money.  Creating an effective email marketing program using a quality email list and an email delivery program such as Constant Contact or MailChimp. Setting a program is easier than you think.

Digital Marketing

Paid Ads

Paid ads through social media can be more cost-effective than you think. Especially if you are in a niche business with very little competition. Facebook ads are often more cost-effective than Google Ads, that generally depends upon the budget and the exposure goals.

  • My import business has grown tremendously with Scott's expertise in website development, e-commerce, and email marketing. With his help, my business has more than doubled and we have brought on several new employees. I could not have done it without his help.

    Susan Hughes
  • I am an independent real estate broker with seven agents in our office. Scott helps our agents with email marketing and social media. He makes it easy for them to quickly manage their own marketing so they can stay focused on selling homes.

    Karen Hillman
  • Scott helped us with our WordPress website project. We contacted a local company to build our website when somethings started to feel not quite right. Scott took a look at the whole process and was able to speak "website" to the contracted company and literally shaved weeks off the project. We ended up getting what we really wanted in a website and we thank him for that.

    Bill Turner
  • I have worked with Scott for the past seven years since I have opened my dog bakery in Boston, MA. He has been there every step of the way in helping me with my email marketing and commerce website. My first website looked so bad and we barely received any sales through the site. Scott helped me with both function and content. He as made a big difference in our online sales.

    Sarah Baker
  • We used MyWebsiteCoach to teach my staff how to manage and update our hair salon website. Scott showed us how to update the profiles page as well as keep the plugins and theme up to date. We use his coaching services several times throughout the year to keep my staff trained.

    Angela Thomas

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